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Features taps into the most powerful environmental database in the world, powered by Ecometrica.

Powerful Search

Perform simple or advanced searches by factor or activity, and get factors for all greenhouse gases broken down by unit

Bookmark Factors

If you know you’re going to need your searched factors again, you can bookmark them for easy future reference.

Spreadsheet Download lets you to export a spreadsheet of all your bookmarked factors to use in your offline assessments.

Save Time

Getting all your factors from one source puts you in control. is the only place you’ll find all your factors.

Increase Accuracy

Frequent updates by our analyst team means our emission factors are always accurate, so your reports will be too.

Pass That Audit

Comprehensive search results give you a complete audit trail with data provided by experts that you can trust.

Coverage let's use the power of the Our Impacts calculation engine. Giving you simple and free access to a comprehensive global set of emission factors and assumptions.







We are Ecometrica, a team of experienced carbon consultants and analysts, with over 50 years of combined experience and over a thousand greenhouse gas assessments between us.

Over the years, we’ve spent thousands of hours searching for and cataloguing emission and conversion factors and still do it on a regular basis. The accuracy of our data is very important to us.

Now, we want to share our database with you in order to make your life easier. It’s about time someone launched a service that gives all you spreadsheet users out there a one-stop shop for emission factor research. We’re sure you’ll love it.

The same database that powers is the backbone of our market-leading sustainability management software, Our Impacts.

While can provide you with all the factors you need to keep your environmental reporting spreadsheets up to date, Our Impacts is a complete sustainability management suite that removes almost every manual step from the process – all you need to do is collect and enter your data, and Our Impacts does the rest.

With a team of dedicated analysts on hand to help you at every step of the way, an intelligent calculation engine that automatically selects and applies the correct factors to your data, fully audit-ready outputs assured by PwC and guaranteed compliance with reporting schemes such as Mandatory Carbon Reporting, CDP, GRI, and GHG Protocol, there’s a reason why Our Impacts is the market leader. If you’re thinking about upgrading your spreadsheets to a robust and effortless software solution, contact us today to find out just how much Our Impacts can do for you.

Our Impacts